`Abd Al-Wadids

   They are also known as Banu Zayyan and Banu `Abd Al-Wad or the Zayyanids, a Berber dynasty in Tlemcen with a territory covering approximately western Algeria and at the peak of its greatest expansion reaching as far as Algiers. The Al-Wadids were a clan of the Banu Wasin, a branch of the Zanata confederation, and related, but in hereditary hostility to, the Moroccan dynasty of the Marinids. In the years of its decline, their leader Abu Yahya Yaghmurasan Ibn Zayyan was governor of the town of Tagrart, a foundation of the Almoravid ruler Yusuf Ibn Tashafin with which the neighboring town of Agadir was to grow into the city of Tlemcen. Respected for his just and wise leadership and political insight, Yaghmurasan spoke in his Zanata dialect and set up a solid government structure.

Historical Dictionary of the Berbers (Imazighen) . . 2014.

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