• Abu Yahya `Abd al-Haqq 1244-1258
• Ya`qub Abu Yusuf al-Mansur 1258-1286
• Yusuf Abu Ya`qub al-Nasir 1286-1307
• `Amir Ben `Abd Allah Ben Yusuf Abu Thabit 1307-1308
• Sualyman Abu Rabi` (brother of the preceding) 1308-1310
• `Uthman II Ben Ya`qub Abu Sa`id 1310-1331
• `Ali Abu al-Hasan 1331-1348
• Faris Abu `Inan 1348-1358
• Muhammad Abu Ziyyaan I 1358-1358
• Abu Bakr al-Sa`id (brother of the preceding) 1358-1359
• Supremacy of viziers under 17 sultans 1358-1374
• Ibrahim Ben `Ali Abu Salim 1359-1361
• Tashfin Abu `Umar (brother of the preceding) 1361-1361
• Muhammad Ben ya`qub Ben `Ali Aby
• Ziyyaan al-Muntasir 1361-1366
• `Abd al-`Aziz I ben `Ali Abu Faris 1366-1372
• Muhammad Abu Ziyyan al-Sa`id II 1372-1373
• Ahmad Ben Ibrahim Abu al-`Abbas al-Muntasir (first reign) 1373-1384
• Tutelage of Muhammad V of Granada during the reign of four sultans 1374-1390
• Musa Ben Faris Abu Faris al-Mutawakkil 1384-1386
• Muhammad Ben Ahmad Abu Zayyan al-Wathiq 1386-1387
• Ahmad Ben Ibrahim Abu al-`Abbas al-Muntasir (second reign) 1387-1393
• `Abd al-`Aziz II Ben Ahmad Abu Faris 1393-1396
• New supremacy of viziers under 3 sultans 1393-1421
• `Abd Allah Abu `Amir (brother of the preceding) 1396-1398
• `Uthman III Abu Sa`id (brother of the preceding) 1398-1420

Historical Dictionary of the Berbers (Imazighen) . . 2014.

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