• (SIJILMASSA, 790-976/977)
• Abû Mâlik al-Muntasir bn al-yasa' (d. 867)
• Maymûn bn Thaqîya, al-Amîr (d. 876/877)
• Muhammad bn Maymûn (d. 884)
• al-Yasa' bn al-Muntasir bn al-Yasa' (d. 909)
• Wâsû, al-fath (d. 913)
• Ahmad bn Maymûn bn Thaqiya (d. 921)
• Muhammad bn Sâru al-Mu'tazz (d. 933/934)
• Abu al-Muntasir bn al-Mu'tazz (942/943)
• al-Muntasir samgû bn Muhammad (942/943: a child)
• Ibn Wâsûl, regent (942-958)
• Muhammad bn al-Fath Wâsûl n Maymûn al-Amîr (d. 976/7)

Historical Dictionary of the Berbers (Imazighen) . . 2014.

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