Zakariya Abu Al Warijlani

   He was the historian of the Ibadithe imamate of Tahart founded by the Rustumid dynasty in the eighth century. He himself was a member of the Ibadithe branch of the heterodox Kharijite sect. There is little information about his life and scholarly itinerary beside the fact that he was born in the town of Ouargla, near Sadrata, a center of the Ibadithe doctrine and practices. The most famous of his works, al-Sira wa Akhabar al-A'imma (Biographies and Traditions of the Imams), includes information on the North African Ibadithe community, on the lives and times of Ibadithe theologians and scholars, and on the rise and fall of the Rustumid dynasty. Emile Masqueray translated this work into French, Chroniques d'Abou Zakaria (Algiers, 1878).
   See also Kharijism; Mozabites.

Historical Dictionary of the Berbers (Imazighen) . . 2014.

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