Yusuf ibn Tashafin

   He was the first Almoravid ruler from 1061 to 1106. He was the cousin of the two Lamtuna (Sanhaja) leaders Ibn `Umar and Abu Bakr Ibn `Umar, who together with the theologian `Abd Allah Ibn Yasin founded the religious movement that took the Almoravids to power. He was entrusted with the military command of the conquered areas of southern Morocco, and he directed his efforts to the consolidation of power in his possessions. He laid down the basis of public administration, organized the tribesmen, and built up a coherent military force. He also transferred the seat of his government from Aghmat in the Middle Atlas to a fortified village that was to become the city of Marrakech (1061). Afterward, he systematically set on the expansion of his domain over northern Morocco, Algeria, and al-Andalus. Ibn Tashafin's statesmanship and religious conviction were essential to his efforts to forge Morocco out of various and hostile tribal emirates. He also achieved the unification of al-Andalus, divided into numerous city-states of the Party Kings and embodied into his empire. Although he undoubtedly was one of the most charismatic and powerful rulers of his time, he never ceased to recognize the spiritual guidance of the Abbasid caliphs in Baghdad.

Historical Dictionary of the Berbers (Imazighen) . . 2014.

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