`Addi Ou Bihi

   His full name is `Addi Ou Bihi Zadgui, and the word "Zadgui" is an Arabic corruption of the Berber name "Izday," the name of his tribal affiliation. He is also known simply as `Addi Ou Bihi n'Aït Rho. He was a caid of the Aït Izday tribe of the Aït Yaflman confederation in south-central Morocco. In 1956, he was the first governor of Tafilalet Province. In 1957, the rise of the Istiqlal Party and its increasing paternalistic influence in micromanaging local politics of newly independent Morocco irritated the sensibilities and vision of Caid `Addi Ou Bihi for his province. During the same year, while King Mohammed V was on a Mediterranean cruise, `Addi Ou Bihi shut down all Istiqlal Party offices and imprisoned their cadres. His insurrection was quickly suppressed by force led by King Hassan II (1961-1999), then Crown Prince Moulay Hassan.
   `Addi Ou Bihi, who claimed in his defense that he was only protecting the interests of the king from the political maneuvering of the Istiqlal Party, was sentenced to death for treason. He was incarcerated for almost four years. He is said to have been executed in January 1961, and he was buried in Karrandou, his native village, which is about 15 kilometers south of Rich. `Addi Ou Bihi's revolt embodied Berber discontent with the perceived domination by the Arabist Istiqlal Party of the country's nascent bureaucratic system.
   See also Rif Revolt.

Historical Dictionary of the Berbers (Imazighen) . . 2014.

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